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Airborne Magnetometer Surveys - GSMP-35A Potassium Magnetometer

- Ultra-low MOB costs - Our entire airborne system can be transported anywhere in the world at a fraction of  conventional airborne survey costs. Our costs for specific surveys have been as low as $70.00 / line km.

- Low elevation and tight line spacing capability - Small targets such as kimberlite pipes, lamprophyres, can benefit from low elevation flights and tight line spacing only possible through UAV flights.

-Custom Survey Design - We specialize in small to medium-scale aero-mag surveys, where time extensive and costly walk-mag surveys that take weeks can be flown in hours. This eliminates the need for line-cutting, and significantly reduces crew, camp and logistics costs. Sensor resolution is 2 nT, and benefits from lower noise than walk-mag surveys due to increased distance from anomalies.

3D Models  with sub-cm scale resolution provide accurate area and volume information for tailings dams, ore stockpiles, leach pads etc., within hours after flight. DEM and Orthophotos of ultra-high resolution are routine deliverables and cost effective solutions compared to conventional airborne and land-based surveys.

Aerial Surveys

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Aerial Photography- Nikon 18.5mm fixed lens 16MP camera with 23.6x15.7 CMOS sensor

- Orthophoto (GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG, Google KMZ)

- Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - (GeoTIFF Elevation Data *.tif, Arc GIS ASCII Grid, XYZ)

-3D Surface Modeling (Autodesk, 3Dpdf, etc.)

Multi-Spectral Surveys

-Agriculture Surveys

-Alteration Mapping

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