Pioneer uses the GEMSystems™ GSMP-35U/25U which was the first light-weight, high sensitivity magnetometer specifically designed for UAVs and Drone Mag surveys. At a weight of less than 3 kg, this ultra-lightweight sensor opens up new windows for magnetometer surveys. Our sensors are based on GEM’s popular optically pumped Potassium Magnetometer system, which offers the highest sensitivity, absolute accuracy and gradient tolerance available in the industry. Pioneer also provides advanced processing such as inversion and basic geological interpretation.


Designed in 2002, TROMINO® is the first all-in-one system for the dynamic characterization of subsoils and structures and for vibration monitoring. TROMINO® is continuously being developed to include the latest electronic improvements, while creating only ultraportable and user-friendly instruments. Pioneer utilizes the Tromino system to conduct various seismic surveys across the globe. 

Manned Airborne Solutions




Hyperspectral & radiometrics

“Pioneer unveiled targets with unparalleled resolution! Actionable intelligence in near-real time - they are truly redefining magnetometer surveys!"

Jerad Anderson

Avidian Mining

Pioneer in conjunction with our manned airborne partners are able to offer a multitude of manned airborne survey solutions to custom fit your project area. Some of these solutions include Horizontal Gradient, VLF-EM, Radiometric, Hyperspectral and gravity surveys. Please contract us for more details!

The Phoenix Ranger-LR Long Range is a very lightweight, compact and rugged laser scanner, that was especially designed for airborne surveying missions from helicopter, multicopter, and other small aircraft. The sensor provides a maximum measurement range of 1,350m, an effective measurement rate of up to 750,000 measurements/sec., and an operating flight altitude of up to 1,740 ft AGL. We can also simultaneously capture orthophotos, up to 1cm GSD, with the integrated Sony a6000 RGB camera mounted on the LiDAR sensor. 

Pioneer is determined to push the boundaries of UAV geophysical surveys and are continuously researching and developing new ways to collect the best possible data for your project. Pioneer is currently developing hyperspectral and radiometric sensors for use on unmanned aerial vehicles. Please reach out if you are interested in seeing if this could be a good fit for your project.